Once an artist, found & flitted in the film industry,  made it to marketing, resulting in restaurants to manage, worked with wine, choose to chef instead, had a health scare. 
Saw the Tofu suppliers' son an Acupuncturist and finally found head & heart & home.
Train in Traditional Chinese Medicine in SA and am off to the East eagerly wanting more. 
Take on Tai Chi, sways some swords in Shaolin - harden the hands.
Awarded Acupuncture & Tuina [Chinese Medical Massage] & De da Sun Sang [Bone-setting] Diploma.
Return yearly to gather more skills.
Meet Mel Cash - London School of Sports Massage and get some new skills.

I speak too fast, sleep too little and may have a way with muscles, which will whisper all your bodies secrets to me.  It’s the combination of Eastern diagnostics and Western science and a tool box to suit every client that provides an alternative option in treating all dis-ease in the body.  It is about seeing you as an individual and recognising all the facets in your life and then doing hands on work with your muscles, soft tissue structures and following your progress.
My aim is not to solve the symptoms but consolidate the cause and cease the dis-ease it creates.  We service our cars because we have learnt of the long term efects of not doing this when the big componanats give up, so my aim is to educate people of the benefits of hands on work that takes our bodies back to a neutral space.  
We drive for too long and sit at desks that no matter how ergonomically set up, keep us there for too long.  Hands on body work of the soft tissue structures or massage, is not something we should see as "a spoil" but rather part of a regular maintenance plan that sees us living more productive lives, with improved sleep patterns and resolving injuries before they occur and therefore allowing us to train harder and to achieve all our physical goals.
Educating everyone on the importance of massage as a maintenance mechanism, allowing you to
work hard, play hard, injury free...